Guidelines and learning resources for Joint Training the Trainers, including instruments for joint design of collaboration activities between education and Industry

ED-EN HUB is proposing an integrated pathway addressing the EDucation-ENterprise relationsions in order to ease and enhance the personal professional pathway. In this perspective, all individuals can define his or her needs of competence development (defined in O1) through active guidance elements (provided within O4). Then, the project will propose tools to professionals to accompany them in a process of co-design of learning elements (O3). The co-design phase is at the core of the ED-EN HUB project as it allows people from both sides (education and companies) to work together, bridging the gap that may exist in their mutual representation. The third Intellectual output of ED-EN HUB provides training and learning experiences with guidelines to implement them at a local level. The project proposes an accompaniment process for those interested in this perspective, and partners will test the process during learning mobility in Fall 2022.


D3.0 / IO3 Guidelines: Summarises the guideline. The document is intended to offer indications to support professionals who would like to develop transversal competences through cooperation between education and entreprises. These guidelines aim to offer a learning process.

D3.1 / Rapport Pilotes De Formation: Provides feedback on the training session organised during the project. 

D3.2 / Progress Report: Details the process and the best practices shared before the conception of the training sessions.