EDucation and ENterprise HUB

ed-en hub

Space of Collaborative Intelligence

ED-EN HUB is an Erasmus+ project co-financed by the European Union and developed by a consortium made up of 8 institutions from 5 different European countries. This international cooperation alliance will allow the development of tools and methodologies towards the creation of synergies between educational institutions and enterprises.



An Intellectual Output is an activity that results in tangible and meaningful outcomes such as publications and course materials.
In order to achieve our objectives, the project will develop the following Intellectual Outputs (IOs):

IO - 1

A Toolkit for the joint development of transversal and transferable competences.

IO - 2

A European platform and model for ED-EN HUB structures, to be proposed to other EU regions, as an impact multiplier of the project

IO - 3

Guidelines and learning resources for Joint Training the Trainers, including instruments for joint design of collaboration activities between education and Industry

IO - 4

Guidelines for cooperative guidance and support to individual learners searching qualification and employment perspectives, following the principle of Learner’s agency (autonomy and intentionality).

IO - 5

Policy Recommendations to support education-enterprise collaboration through the integration of private and public funding (structural funds, Erasmus + and local resources).


7 – 9 March 2023 – Plenary meeting and dissemination event

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Plenary Meetings

The project members meet once a month to develop activities related to the development of Intellectual Outputs.

Transnational Meetings

Transnational meetings make it possible to create stronger ties between the different partners as well as to share intercultural experiences and good local practices. Due to the current health situation, these meetings will be held temporarily virtually.

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